To cleanse, or not to cleanse. That is the question!

Being a Makeup Artist I often get asked about skin care. If its important, what I do for myself, how much is too much, and what products are worth the hype. 

The one thing I tell all my clients is that having a proper skin care regime in place a couple of weeks before your appointment will help to make sure you don't have excessive breakouts on your special day. 

You name it, I've heard it all, from sleeping in your makeup after a night out ( don't be shy, we've all been there ) to playing pop the pimple in a 5x magnifying mirror. True me, I've been in both those situations so there is no judging here. But if you want that flawless face you so often see on social media ( apart from the oh so obvious smoothed out selfies ) you need to start with a flawless base, and that is where your skin care comes in. 

Now I know we are all going to have breakouts from time to time - this post is merely just to help you with skin care if you don't know where to start or what products to use. 

One thing I am self conscious about is if I break out. Because its something that doesn't happen often, when it does it takes all of my power not to let it effect how i see myself, so don't worry I understand how much of a sensitive issue skin is! 

Which is where this post comes in handy. My skin hasn't always been something I'm proud of - we've all gone through puberty, but its what I've done since which makes me confident to go without wearing makeup on a daily basis. 

FIRST you need to make sure you are removing ALL of your makeup before you go to bed, your skin is alive and breathing, keeping it blocked up for longer than necessary WILL result in blemishes.

Removing makeup can be fun, set up your laptop with an episode of gossip girl and wipe away using a baby wipe ( the same effect as a makeup removing wipe, just a hell of a lot cheaper). If your struggling to get that last bit of makeup off add a dash of the Garnier Micellar water and that bad boy will wipe straight off.

After all your makeup is removed, that’s when the fun begins, if you already have a cleanser, toner and moisturizer you live by then great! If not check out the range of products from Kiehls, I absolutely love their range. Another favorite is the Philosophy brand. I SWEAR by their Purity cleanser, it completes me.

Now for me I have pretty normal skin, not too dry and not to oily - but I still get a tad shiny in my T-zone - so tend to only Cleanse and moisturize, if I tone my face I am stripping the natural oils I do have and making my face over produce them - causing me to break out harder than Michael Scofield from PRISON BREAK ( yes I find my self quite punny sometimes )

So sticking to only steps 1 and 3 keeps my face fresh and blemish free excluding the odd hormonal attack.

The products I use work incredibly for me - but this hasn’t happened straight away, Ive had to trial so many different things in order to find my perfect concoction. So please try them, but don’t be disheartened if the don’t work for you, you may just have to play the field a little more.

I will leave all product links mentioned below.

Now I find my skin doesn’t get patchy or dry much which means exfoliating isn’t  big on my to do list, but if you find that your makeup is grabbing to certain ares on your face, chances are its because of dry flaking skin - remedy this by exfoliating once a week. * Try using an exfoliating peel apposed to one with beads in it

I do treat my self to one mask a week, whether is be a GlamGlow mud mask or a hydrating green tea mask - this just leaves my face feeling youthful,  brighter and tighter for the week ahead.

Treat your skin well and it will do wonders for you in the future.

Now I do know that no matter how much you clean your skin or how amazing you are with your skin care, some people just tend to break out more and there is nothing they feel they can do! In this case my clients have found it helpful seeing a dermatologist to help them further with their skin care needs!

I really hope you have enjoyed this blog post. Please note that all information in this piece is what I’ve learnt from my Diploma, researching and experiences of that personal and from clients. Skin care is a personal experience and preference and this piece is merely to share all the information that I have with those who want to listen.

Now what are your favourite skincare products? I would love to hear all about them in the comments below or tag me on instagram @taraflorence.artistry

Till next time xx


Cleanser : Purity Cleanser by Philosophy
Moisturiser : Kiehl’s Ultra facial moisturizer
Mask : GlamGlow Supermud or Youthmud
Remover: Micellar Water


GlamGlow - sold through Mecca